The role of Technical Specialist needs to come with the right customer skills necessary to deliver quality services in todayÔÇÖs complex environment
Technical Support


This training has been designed for people that act as a specialist in a technical support centre environment and handle customer issues after technical escalation. The technical support role is responsible for providing high quality support to internal and external customers, by focusing on technical aspects.

The practical tools and exercises in the training will improve your ability to work effectively with different types of customers and colleagues, while solving complex technical issues and identifying opportunities to structurally improve the support organisation.

Objectives of the training

After this training, participants will be able to:

  • Apply effective technical communication techniques when talking with customers and adjust the message to the technical level of expertise of the conversation partner
  • Understand what it means to have a customer centric attitude, how this helps to better serve customers, and the positive impact it has on how you work with colleagues
  • Understand the performance metrics that are used to measure the success of a technical support organisation and how you can drive performance
  • Manage the different service requests that you need to fulfil and take the lead in cooperating with others to fulfil service requests

Training outline

The training consists of the following modules:

  • Effective technical communication
  • Customer centric attitude
  • Managing customers remotely
  • The essentials of collaboration in service
  • Techniques of technical creativity
  • Understand how to apply business competencies in delivering service
  • Work with service management applications
  • Ensure all service delivery tasks fit in a day
  • Manage your personal development in the service organisation

Training Features

Language: English (other languages upon request)

Price: Online Self-Paced: € 895

Online Coach-led: € 1,895

In-house: On-request

Duration: +/- 30 hours of self-learning that can be spread over one year

For whom: for people that fulfil the role of providing technical remote support to internal (people in the field and/or customer care) and external customers.

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