Capitalise service revenue potential by successfully designing and implementing the right service sales model
Service Sales Manager


The Service Sales Manager training is designed to enable participants to set-up, manage and optimise a service sales organisation. The course provides students the opportunity to understand the challenges specifically related to the differences when selling services compared to selling products, and the requirements for successfully managing a service sales organisation.

The practical tools and exercises in the training will improve the managers’ ability to lead the service sales force and develop a focus on spotting service sales opportunities by all departments.

Objectives of the training

In this training participants will learn more about the definition and purpose of the Service Sales Manager role, and the required competencies to fulfil this role successfully.

After this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what service sales model fits with the organisations’ needs
  • Implement a service sales model
  • Leverage the service sales force by providing them with tools to be more effective
  • Understand what competencies a successful service sales representative needs and how to recruit those persons
  • Inspire the service sales force
  • Develop the service sales force to along with the organisations’ requirements
  • Manage the performance of the service sales organisation

Training outline

The training consists of the following modules:

  • What a service sales model is
  • Design a service sales model
  • Develop tools to make the service sales force more effective
  • Recruit the right service sales personnel
  • Manage the service sales personnel
  • Develop the service sales force
  • Evaluate the service sales force in a motivating way
  • Prepare and monitor the budget of a service sales organisation

Training Features

Language: English (other languages upon request)

Price: Online Self-Paced: € 1,950

Online Coach-led: € 2,950

In-house: On-request

Duration: +/- 30 hours of self-learning that can be spread over one year

For whom: new and experienced service sales managers

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