Our years of experience in the Service management business have led us to develop Training courses that focus on practical learning. Your newly acquired knowledge and skills are applied in real-life business cases. After the completion of a Course you have all the knowhow to transform your service business or function and increase growth and profitability. Our Courses focus on the key areas of interest of service professionals and are updated regularly to fit current demands and challenges. A number of Training courses are organised throughout the year at different locations all over the world.

During our courses we work together to help you gain measurable results by defining clear targets, measuring performance and reinforcing behaviours. In addition, part of our courses are SCP Certified, therefore students who complete these courses achieve accreditation under the SCP Career Certification programme – a globally accepted career certification credential.

Designed to Match your Needs

Our courses are designed in such a way that allow staff at different levels of your organisation to gain an understanding of the service business and ensure that everybody is on the same page. This is particularly beneficial for companies where better alignment between the roles and functions is needed, or in the cases where a transformation from product focus to service business focus is on the way.

If you are interested in mapping down your career path, following our series of courses at different levels can prepare you for the challenges to come. For example, you can start from the Field Service Engineer course, move to the Field Service Planner course and escalate to the Field Service Manager Course. Depending on where you are now and where you want to go, we can propose the most appropriate series of courses for you.

Our Instructors

Our instructors are industry experts who bring their real-life experiences from leading service organisations into the classroom. As a result, real issues are addressed and solutions are suggested.

Course Delivery Formats

A number of Public Training courses are organised throughout the year at different locations all over the world. In a classroom setting of maximum 12 participants there are also cross-business interactions and discussions. In addition, all our courses can be delivered as (a part of) an In-Company Training Programme. Based on your company’s requirements we can deliver the public course at one of your locations, or develop a completely tailor-made Training Programme based on your specific situation.

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    Business Development Courses
    Aimed at all the roles in the company that are involved in shaping the service strategy of the company, the identification of customer service needs, the design of new service propositions and the shaping of the required service culture.
    Business Development Courses provide the new Service Thinking in your company and the best practices that have been successfully used by others. The theory is complemented by many relevant examples in the form of case studies and practical assignments.

    Business Development Courses include:
    Management Courses
    Aimed at managers looking to improve their industry related management skills.
    The Management Courses focus on the skills necessary to successfully manage service and sales operations - providing a comprehensive course on the fundamentals of managing service sales operations, managing support centres, field service or professional services operations, while enhancing the intrinsic skills and knowledge of first line management.

    Management Courses include:
    Supervisor Courses
    Teach the skills necessary to successfully lead a team in today’s competitive market. The three day courses provide training on the fundamentals of supervision. All  supervisor courses will enhance the required functional skills and knowledge but the courses focus specifically on the leadership and management challenges supervisory staff are facing in their distinct functional roles, such as establishing and managing goals, change management, team building and coaching, achieving goals as a team, and managing productivity.

    Supervisor Courses include:
    Courses for Front Line Staff
    Customer service is not a one-size-fits-all skill. Persons that are in customer facing roles face specific challenges that require on the spot thinking and a high level of confidence and control, while building and maintaining customer rapport. These blended learning courses will teach both experienced and new customer facing roles the unique customer service skills to ensure success in their high expectation and complex environment.

    Courses for Front Line Staff include: