The Service Centricity Playbook

The Service Centricity Playbook

The ‘service’ topic is hot! The spotlight is on service to differentiate, diversify, and grow your business.  

While the potential of service is vast, the transition from product provider to trusted advisor (and beyond) is no simple feat. In fact, it is a journey spanning strategic vision, company culture, operations, and Technology that usually spans years to truly master. In the new normal companies progress through a continuum from product supplier to strategic business partner.  

That is why Sarah Nicastro from Future of Field Service created together with insights from Hilbrand Rustema, Managing Director at Noventum the Service Centricity Playbook. This playbook describes the 7 critical steps to successfully forward motion on the path of service transformation: 

Step 1: Confirm and Define the Service Business Opportunity  
Step 2: Develop a Service Vision & Strategy  
Step 3: Rally the Troops – Create Internal Alignment on Your Service Vision 
Step 4: Set Up Governance  
Step 5: Determine Organizational Design & Service Delivery Evolution  
Step 6: Align Your IT Infrastructure  
Step 7: Bring Your Vision to Life – Implement, and Manage Change  

Explore the steps now! With new and relevant insights to explore your service opportunities and to start your successful transformation from Product Provider to Trusted Advisor.  

Featuring real-world perspective from companies who have learned lessons along the Servitization journey, the playbook offers actionable insights and critical considerations.

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