Service Transformation



Many companies often hesitate at the prospect of change. 

The will to make change exists, but the expertise to analyse thoroughly, design change processes and apply these over large, often global organisations is simply not available internally.

At Noventum, we are a world leader within the creation and application of Service Transformation programs. We will help you with large-scale change programs during which we address and manage change in every area of your Service Business, often in parallel work streams. 


Transformation starts with defining a few, simple business objectives based on a deep understanding of what your customers really expect from your brand. 

Once this has been established, what we call ‘Large Scale Service Transformation’ can begin.

Noventum are experts in this process. Across an entire organisation in multiple locations and countries, we can help you achieve how you can best realise three key business objectives:

  • Refocus service strategy
  • Define new service strategy
  • Implement new service strategy


Our Transformation Roadmap contains various building blocks. 

It is an established and proven route and one we have applied with great success over many years and diverse business areas. Its elements are as follows:

  • Strategy (how to realise business objectives)
  • New business model and organisational design
  • Management practices (creating common definitions of the business)
  • Performance measurement
  • Competencies (people)
  • Processes

Getting Started

In many boardrooms, Service Management has only recently become a strategic topic. 

This is changing and more and more businesses are identifying the wins they can achieve by implementing a proven, structured approach.

In the case of our Service Transformation programs, these can be defining and include the following:

  • Reducing risk by applying our expert knowledge and experience – our approach is proven to work.
  • Enjoying faster change by using temporary, outside help.
  • Becoming part of Noventum’s service innovation community, accessing unique insights and knowledge.

Like all our other Services, our Service Transformation service is based on an attractive foundation. We share the risk by offering performance based pay schemes. Quite simply, if we do not add value to your operations, we make no profit. We believe that this is the highest level of commitment a consultant can offer - but we do this because we are confident in our ability to deliver these results.

To start your organisation’s Service Transformation process today, click here to contact your nearest Noventum office.