Requirements Gathering


Defining the scope and requirements for your Service Management solution can be difficult and time consuming, especially if the knowledge of the best practices in service business and Field Service Management products is limited.

Deriving your requirements from your current system or processes is a typical pitfall organization run into. You will end up with a solution that does the same things you are used to but with another tool. You will not see true business benefits using this approach.


By using Noventum’s approach to gather requirements based on SCP best practices and our Functional Reference Architecture for Field Service, you will quickly be able to define the requirements you really need now and for the future.


In several workshops with service managers and IT, we identify the business capabilities (Noventum calls this SCP components) you need for your service business. Using Noventum’s Functional Reference Architecture we determine which functional domains need to be in place in order to be able support your service business. For each functional domain we provide an initial set of functional requirements which are refined and augmented during the workshop. This results in a prioritized list of requirements, grouped per functional domain which can be used to select a suitable product.

Getting started

Make sure you get an outside in view on your service business to define your goals and requirements. Engage with Noventum’s subject matter experts to do this in a structured and pragmatic manner.

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