IT Architecture Design

Service IT is complex as to fulfill all the typical requirements for a Service Business, requires a solution which is a combination of multiple integrated products.

The Challenge

When designing a Service IT Architecture, the existing IT architecture and the IT strategy and roadmap need to be considered.

Designing a Service IT architecture not only requires specific knowledge of the products and technologies offered, but also a good understanding of the service business and the challenges involved in designing and implementing these type of solutions.


Noventum’s extensive knowledge and experience of Service IT as well as Service processes and requirements helps you to define a suitable IT architecture tailored for your situation.


Noventum’s approach is to determine your goals and requirements for your service business.

This is the basis to determine which potential combination of products can be used to fulfill those requirements. We do this by utilizing our Functional Reference Architecture and our knowledge of the Service Management products available in the market. Next we analyze your existing architecture and roadmap to determine which products best fit with your situation and the integration implications.

Part of the design includes making key decisions about which functionality goes where and the master data model.

An example is how to handle and maintain the installed base; which system is leading for creating the installed base and which system is used to maintain it after installation. Is the installed base synchronized with the ERP system or only certain aspects?

Getting started

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