We understand the challenges you face. Limited time and budget often mean that implementing change is a risk you cannot afford.

You may be finding it difficult to keep up with customer expectations and facilitate new services. Your staff may resist innovation or change – and very often, managing costs and profit of services may be a daunting task.

At Noventum, long experience with Benchmarking will help you meet these challenges. Read on and find out how it’s done and what you may expect.


Benchmarking will accelerate innovation in your company and improve the adoption speed of change. 

Good Benchmarking helps you to quickly make the case for change and establish a ‘burning platform’ so that there is no alternative to moving forward.

So how can we help you achieve this?


Our approach is based upon a simple yet powerful principle – sharing and applying knowledge we know works. 

As a Noventum client, you will enjoy access to a performance database that enables precise qualification of the value of improvement opportunities and solutions. Our solutions are always based on proven Service Capability & Performance Standards and Best Practices – for you, this means significant risk reduction.

Getting Started

Follow our proven methodology and your organisation will enjoy some defining benefits

  • Reducing risk by applying our proven approach.
  • Accelerate change by using temporary, outside help.
  • Become part of Noventum’s service innovation community and access unique insights and knowledge.

To start this exciting process today, click here to join one of our roundtables as part of our service innovation program or to contact your nearest Noventum office and discuss our Benchmarking services.