Service Industry Benchmarking

Are you achieving best in class performance in your service organisation?

Noventum’s Service Industry Benchmarking is available as an on-line service in Noventum’s Service Transformation Centre  

You can assess the performance of your service organisation and benchmark operational and financial performance against a peer group of similar service organisations based on industry and company specific characteristics.  

Our data base of performance metrics and best practices offers you the possibility to benchmark different parts of service operations: 

  • Customer Care (1st line) support operations 
  • Technical Support (2nd line) technical support operations  
  • Smart remote support centres providing predictive and proactive remote support 
  • Field service operations 
  • Professional services operations 
  • Project management and installation operations
  • Service sales operations 

Why benchmarking your service business?

Benchmarking will to identify your company’s strengths and improvement potential and translate this into  actionable insights:

  • Growth potential: The potential to increase your service revenues. By comparing performance metrics . the cof your product related services, with the best in class companies in your peer group you will identify your untapped growth potential.
  • Operational productivity improvement potential:  The potential from effectiveness-, and efficiency improvements in service operations. By identifying the improvement potential in KPI’s such as your On-Site First Time Fix rate or Remote Resolution Rate you can identify the improvement potential to improve effectiveness of your field service organization. By benchmarking low value service activities such as administrative activities you can identify cost reductions from better processes and automation.
  • Best practice benchmarking: The improvement opportunities resulting from adopting service industry standards and best practices used by best in class companies that your service organization can also implement.

How it works:

  • As part of the Discovery Membership of Noventum’s Service Transformation Centre you can select the relevant benchmark methods in the As
  • As part of the Discovery Membership of Noventum’s Service Transformation Centre you can select the relevant benchmark methods in the Assessment Centre and invite the persons in your organisation to conduct several on-line assessments.
  • You can monitor the benchmark progress in the benchmark control centre.
  • Once sufficient response is received you can review your reports and discuss them with your Noventum coach who can help you to define your service business objectives, create your service vision and strategic roadmap.

Try out the free-of charge service benchmark surveys in Noventum’s Service Transformation Centre and contact us to discuss how we can help you with service benchmarking for your company.