Self-service capability

Self-service capability
  • Is your customer self-service resolution rate at the best-in-class level?
  • Have you reduced the number of customer calls?
  • Do you use fluid processes?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then have a look at this accelerator that will help you to understand and design all elements needed to have a best-in-class self-service capability.

In this accelerator we:
  • Design best practices for Self-Service support based on our best practice model

  • Prepare an action plan to continuously improve your customer self-service support

We do this by:
  • Asking you to complete a survey so we understand your current situation

  • Conducting online sessions to document your Self-Service support issues

  • Helping you to design your company’s best practices based on our best-in-class principles

  • Building and reviewing an action plan with you, and prioritising next steps

  • Evaluating the results