Grow your business by selling and delivering digital services

Grow your business by selling and delivering digital services

What do manufacturing companies today need to do to implement digital services successfully?

This question and more will be answered in today’s episode. Our podcast series analysing the findings of our Drivers for Growth in Service study, a research initiative from Noventum, HSO and Microsoft.

Tune in to hear Noventum Managing Director, Hilbrand Rustema, Noventum Senior Consultant Martin Gilday leading contributor to the study, and Aart Schalk, a commercial professional, dig deeper into the conditions required for manufacturing companies to implement digital services in their organisations effectively; the value of data in the development of customer-oriented services; and the alignment of all stakeholders for the effective execution of digital strategy for business growth.

More about 'Drivers for growth in Service’?

Read more and listen about Noventum, Microsoft and HSO's research into Drivers for growth in Service? Download the Executive Summary below. Or feel free to contact us!

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