Recruit4Service Portal

We help companies recruit, develop and retain service people who possess “difficult to find” technical, business, professional and behavioural competencies.

In addition, we help companies to (re)position themselves in the job market as a sought after employer, thereby attracting those people seeking to work in the technical services industry. To deliver on the promise of being the best employer to work for in your industry, we do not stop at recruitment. We also assist with permanently engaging service staff, transforming them into effective ambassadors of your brand.

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Our services also include the following:

  • Creating a sustainable learning and development structure to close the gap between current capabilities and the required capabilities for service business
  • Clarify every individual's career and learning paths, and also management objectives
  • Ensure a good fit between competency development needs and training methods
  • Provide training and people development for all roles typically found in the technical services industry

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