Sneak preview of our new book

The book, which has been written in collaboration with Aston Business School (Aston Centre for Servitization Research and Practice), will become available on our website and through Amazon in January 2016.

In return we’d like to ask 3 minutes of your time to help us finalise our 2016 Service Innovation Programme agenda.

After entering the survey, you will receive the executive summary on 18th December 2015, by e-mail. In addition, by taking this survey you can be one of the 5 people to win a printed copy of the book!

Through this short survey we are sharing with you the preliminary agenda, which is an outcome of many discussions during our 2015 Service Innovation Projects, our recent topic survey, our research initiatives, and expert discussions with both academic and industry leaders. 

Simply follow this link to view the topics and take the survey now.

But what exactly is this new book about? Looking at the industry trends it appears that IoT, Industry 4.0 and product digitalisation will substantially affect competition, profitability, and the structure in many industries, as did the previous wave of internet-enabled IT. To be prepared and to define their strategy, companies must understand how smart, connected products impact industry and their service organisations in terms of competition, profitability, and the way companies do business.

Our new book provides insight on how manufacturing companies can leverage these new business opportunities to drive profitable growth through services.

It is a consolidation of the Service Innovation Projects run in 2015 and it addresses strategic items like industry trends, major challenges and best practices to evolve the service strategies, the service portfolios, the business models, the services delivery and the best ways to sell new services brought by this evolution.

For more information about this book contact us today.

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