Free online IoT Readiness Assessment

Do you understand the value of IoT but don’t know where to start?

Have you already started your IoT journey but want to get more out of it?

Take our 5-minute IoT Readiness Assessment to get an overview of where you stand in relation to IoT, and determine how ready your organisation is to benefit from it.

On the completion of this assessment, you will get an overview of your company's readiness on IoT, compared to the best practices in the industry.


Areas Assessed:

  • IoT Vision & Strategy
  • Your organisational buy-in regarding IoT
  • Your current situation regarding IoT
  • Design for evolution to IoT business: Product and Service management
  • IoT Enablement Capabilities


Participant profiles:

  • Service Managers
  • General Managers 
  • Senior Vice Presidents in Service
  • Vice Presidents in Service
  • Senior Directors in Service
  • Directors in Service 
  • Programme Managers of Digital Service Initiatives 

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