Reflection on the Service Innovation Project: “How to become a solution driven organisation?”

Customers are not only expecting high-quality products, but they are expecting complete solutions which address their problems. Manufacturers question themselves: How do I turn my product organisation into a solution-driven organisation?

The service innovation project started with a self-assessment which provided participants with insights into their company’s current situation and their understanding of how to become a solution driven organisation. The result were concrete improvement opportunities and suggestions for next steps. During the 2-day break-through session, each presentation was focused on a specific phase within the transformation journey, providing the participants with the knowledge they need for the next step in their organisations’ transformation journey.

The interactive presentations were aimed to provide insight in the biggest challenge: 

  • A best practice example provided by Martin Gilday from Elekta, helped the participants to gain insight into a successful transformation.
  • Trausti Árnasson shared a very pratical case study on how Marel started to become a solution driven organisation and the challenges they overcame.
  • André J. Brogli and Dr.Marc Heggemann from Sulzer shared their experience in the development of a digital strategy and getting executive alignment.
  • Last but not least, Professor Tim Baines from Aston Business School presented his research on how manufacturers can compete through servitization and the benefits that advanced services can offer to the client and therefore able to increase the revenue.

The goal of the overall session was to facilitate a strong interaction within the speaker and participants, to provide as much in-depth knowledge as possible. Trausti Árnason from Marel underlined the unique benefit of this approach ‘’that it’s a smaller scale programme that allows closer interactions’’.

The next Service Innovation Programme about “New skills for service success – Skills required for success in future service business models” takes place on the 12th and 13th of October in Germany. It focusses on the required skills to develop, sell and deliver best in class services of the future. Key questions will revolve around what kind of skills are needed and how organisations can acquire or develop these. For more information, have a look at our website.

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