Service Innovation Project "Service Parts Management"

We would like to thank all those who participated in this Service Innovation Project. Your active participation through input and questions turned the two-day Breakthrough Session into a valuable experience for all. A special thanks to our guest speakers, who all added great value to the Project through their interesting presentations and expertise.

We, as Noventum Service Management, feel confident that the combination of the Self-assessment, the two-day Breakthrough session, and the Best Practice Report offers valuable insights and the necessary knowledge that will allow you to rethink, innovate, and improve your service parts management capability.

The Best Practice Report, which was shared with all participants, includes:

  • The consolidated self-assessment findings,
  • An overview of the industry trends influencing Service Parts Management at this moment, but also in the (near) future, 
  • The challenges OEM’s face for achieving best-in-class Service Parts Management, and 
  • The best practices per key area.

This Service Innovation Project on Service Parts Management was the start of the development project of a new Service Capability and Performance (SCP) Standard during 2016. 

The objective of this project is to develop SCP Standards for Service Parts Management, meaning having full operational descriptions of all aspects of running best-in-class Service Parts Management. These aspects comprise of:

  • Management practices
  • Process descriptions
  • Performance metrics

We aim for 10 to 12 best-in-class founding sponsors with whom we will develop the SCP Standards for Service Parts Management. The scope of the project will be determined by the participating companies. If you wish to be part of this project or want to request more information, contact us today.

Now preparations are in full speed for the first Service Innovation Project of 2016 (19th and 20th April), titled “Why do customers choose your company? Delivering the ultimate customer experience”. Finding out what your customers really need, gaining insight into their value perception, and understanding how they perceive your brand is the starting point for developing high value services delivered through the ultimate customer experience. So how do you uncover market trends and customer needs? How do you leverage this understanding to develop long-term strategic partnerships? And what is the role of Big Data and the IoT?

To register or to find out more about this project follow the link.

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