Industrial Companies & Digital Services

Industrial Companies & Digital Services

Key takeaways from the live panel discussion with two service business frontrunners - Schneider Electric and HORIBA AUTOMOTIVE in Paris!

Together with the French Forum for Technological Innovation & Transformation (FITT) - Noventum recently hosted a live panel discussion to answer the question "How do leaders innovate through services for the benefit of their customers?”


Two of our consultants - Bernard Thesis and Michel Burckart joined as speakers to highlight service business growth potential with proven service transformation strategies. Service leaders - Cyrile Godinot from Schneider Electric and Jean-Pierre Surin from HORIBA Automotive, enriched the discussion with their first-hand experiences and real-life examples of service organizations that have already gone through a service transformation. 

After the panel discussion, three key takeaways were identified that explained how service business growth can be achieved. Here is the overview of the takeaways:

  1. Digitalize your service and transform data into value for customers.
  2. Put people at the heart of your transformation,
  3. Understand the maturity level of your service business to be better able to set up your service transformation strategy & roadmap!

Read the key takeaways and reach out to us if you have questions or if you would like to learn more!

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