Leading specialist advisors partner on Equipment as a Service

Leading specialist advisors partner on Equipment as a Service

Invigors and Noventum announce a co-operation agreement to provide advisory services for ‘Everything as a Service’

  • To help manufacturers, service providers and funders of business equipment grow by moving from product-led sales towards outcome-based services.
  • Jointly provide design and implementation support for ‘Everything as a Service’ value propositions, with expertise around commercialisation and financing from Invigors and service growth strategies, scalable service operating models, and service transformation expertise from Noventum.
  • Integrates differing perspectives on the same journey, providing a ‘one stop shop’.

Business Trends are accelerating adoption of ‘as a service’ models as economies emerge from the pandemic. B2B businesses are under immense pressure to deliver consumer-like experiences, offering usage and outcome -based solutions that add value through improved productivity, convenience, flexibility and through being environmentally friendly. They also face internal pressures to re-focus on their core business, retain capital and generate predictable revenues. The co-operation between Invigors and Noventum offers joint expertise to help such manufacturers, service providers and funders of business equipment generate new, profitable revenue streams by moving from product-led sales to outcome-based services.

“Our clients will be able to speed up the time to market of new ‘Everything as a Service’ business models with the multi-disciplinary service transformation approach that Noventum and Invigors are jointly able to offer,” said Hilbrand Rustema, Noventum’s Managing Director. The co-operation supports an organisation’s transformation journey from strategy through to implementation and value capture, by exploiting the two companies’ complementary domain expertise. It integrates differing perspectives on the same journey, with Invigors providing its commercial and financing perspectives along with its deep insights into equipment lifecycle management, and Noventum defining and building the accompanying new customer service operating models.

They also provide advisory services around risk management and IT systems as well as broader implementation support and training. In so doing this newly announced co-operation provides a ‘one stop shop’, offering an accelerated path to more diverse and sustainable revenues. “Together we can reduce the risk associated with these business models as well as time to market for our clients to months instead of the typical many years before EaaS solutions achieve significant growth,” said Ian Robertson, an Executive Director of Invigors.

About Invigors:



Invigors provides a comprehensive range of advisory services focused on supporting organisations in the asset finance industry across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

We provide strategic insight with a practitioner’s eye, delivering real-world solutions. We enable leasing companies, manufacturers, service companies and the investment community to accelerate project delivery with confidence, minimising execution risks and overall costs.

Our services span the spectrum from strategic advisory through all the functional domain areas required for success in the asset finance world. We provide our clients with multi-disciplinary teams located across the EMEA region, and address everything from M&A support through to greenfield start up activities.

We pride ourselves on our partnering DNA and passion to work hand in hand with clients to co-develop solutions that fit their business long term. Our experts are acknowledged Thought Leaders in their fields and are helping businesses transform the asset finance industry, addressing topics from “Equipment as a Service” and “Pay per Use” solutions through to how best to address the new and emerging asset classes.

About Noventum:



Noventum is specialized in helping manufacturers grow profitable and sustainable revenue streams from services. We help identify new service value propositions, design new services, and help manage the organisational transformation towards new service business models. Noventum provides best practices from research and service industry standards, best practice IT solutions with the leading solution vendors, training, and a proven service transformation methodology.

The Noventum Digital Service Transformation Centre provides on-line access to the best practice blueprint service business models and digital solutions in partnership with the leading IT solution providers. Noventum’s track record includes hundreds of successful service transformations in the past 20 years with some of the worlds' leading companies.