Webinar: Drivers for Growth in Service

This spring, research and consultancy firm Noventum in collaboration with Microsoft and IT solution provider HSO, researched the drivers for digital services business growth of product manufacturers and technical services companies operating in a data-driven and services-led world. Research participants came from a wide range of industries, and input was collected via in-depth personal interviews and an online electronic survey.

Over the past decade, there has been a large shift in contribution to revenue amongst manufacturing companies, namely from product derived revenues to service derived revenues, aptly known as the servitization trend. Simultaneously, their customers are looking for suppliers to provide more than just products and maintenance services. Customers are moving from large capital investments in products, to pay per use models, with high expectations of service and impact on their business outcomes. This research project was aimed at learning more about how companies grow and prosper in today’s services-led world.

Deep Dive webinar: Drivers for Growth in Service | Tuesday 24th of September, 16:00 – 17:00

Are you curious about the outcomes and key conclusions of this research project? Join our Teams Live Event on September 24th and get all the insights we discovered regarding:

  • The drivers of success for product manufacturers and technical services companies;
  • The strategies being adopted to support these drivers;
  • How companies organize themselves to take advantage of new opportunities.

In addition to speakers from Noventum and HSO, two companies will share their experiences:

  • Patrick Jansen, Chief Services Officer at VBR Turbine Partners, talks about the new IoT service business model at his organization. VBR has built an IOT platform to develop maintenance strategies to enhance their customers' business. 
  • Alfonso Castaneda, Global Service Director at Coesia talks about the value of their newly developed consultancy services, and the challenge they are facing with selling and delivering these services. As the research also showed, to make a success of new service business models, many new skills are needed.

In Short:

When: September 24th | 16.00 pm (CET)
Spoken language: English
Session: 1 hour
Location: Via Microsoft Teams
Cost: No charge
Presenters: Patrick Jansen (VBR Turbine Partners), Alfonso Castenada (Coesia), Hilbrand Rustema (Noventum) & Hans Broer (HSO)
Any Questions:  Amin Harmak by amin.harmak@noventum.eu or via + 31 297 566 241

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