Service Innovation Forum 'Game Changer IoT'

Internet of Things as the Game Changer for the manufacturing industry. The key driver to implement IoT (Internet of Things) is the strategy to move to an outcome based service. It will require an organisational change, as it requires cross-functional alignment. The biggest barrier at first, appears to be connectivity and security fears, often turns out to be the easiest challenge to solve. How to start, develop and improve the outcome based service development is the real challenge.

The objective of this Service Innovation Forum is to share knowledge: You can obtain best practices from industry leaders as well as discuss and connect with peers who are facing similar challenges. As result, you will define your IoT roadmap including your next steps to monetise your IoT capabilities.

The Service Innovation Forum takes place on the 11th and 12th of October 2017 in London and will cover two main topics: (1) Understanding the strategic implications of IoT enabled services and (2) defining your IoT roadmap. Related to these, there are several challenges organisations are facing, which will be discussed during the Forum:

· When will you start selling your machines and knowledge as a service?

· How to identify and manage risks in the business models and what are successful business models?

· How can IoT help to provide preventive/predictive/proactive services and which type of services are most successful?

· How to define the case to transform the organisation towards digital business models?

· How to create a business driven IoT initiative instead of IT driven?


To learn more about the topic, have a look at this case study. More information about the Service Innovation Programme you can read on this link.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017
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