Service Transformation Consulting

Revolutionise your Service Business

Using our proven methodologies, we help you to

  • Identify new Digital Services that your customers need

  • Identify and prioritize opportunities to improve your service business

  • Define your Service Vision and Strategy

  • Design the Service Customer experience

  • Create a top-tier, globally scalable service Operating Model

  • Digitalize your service business with leading service IT Solutions

  • Increase your Service Revenue with effective Service Sales Models

  • Empower your talent with training and coaching

  • Manage change in your Service Transformation Project

What is Service Transformation?​​

Understanding Service Transformation

What is service transformation and
how does it begin?

Moving from reactive to proactive maturity

What is the growth potential for a manufacturer moving from reactive to proactive maturity?

The growth path to service maturity

Understanding how growth capabilities can help your business move from one maturity level to another more easily.

Service business and the customer experience

How does the maturity of your service business deepen customer relationships?

Achieving service business success

Ways of becoming a profitable service business organisation.

Our Approach

We have developed 3 approaches for you to choose from when working with us

Do it yourself

Make use of our cloud-based Service Transformation Centre, our best-practice Service Model or a Noventum Coach
The Service Transformation Centre (STC) is a powerful, self-service, interactive knowledge base that supports and accelerates your digital service transformation journey. Use the STC to access the assessment centre, the design and build centre, people development centre and the implementation centre. You will also be able connect with one of our experts for STC coaching and to identify possible improvements, vison, strategy, implementation, and conclusions, relative to your business’ service transformation.

Service transformation centre

We do it with you

Partnering with your team, we assist you throughout the entire service transformation journey. We work together with your dedicated service transformation team assigned the responsibility for taking and executing decisions. We provide you with all the correct tools and training, complimented by input from Noventum consultants, IT experts, and trainers, where required.

Service transformation centre

We do it for you

We manage the entire Service Transformation process for your company. This includes all project management activities, assessments, vision and strategy, and the design of your new service model and IT system, all of which are validated and implemented by designated persons within your organisation.

Service transformation centre