The Future of Service Bootcamp

You have a relatively traditional portfolio but customers are slowly demanding more and more. They’re urging you to change and innovate your service portfolio, but you’re not sure how.

Our Future of Service Bootcamp enables you to discover new (digital) trends in the market and brainstorm what kind of new services you can offer. It helps you look at your service business with a fresh pair of eyes to develop new perspectives and generate new ideas!

Participating in the bootcamp also enables you to create awareness and engagement of stakeholders to support further development.

To get the process started, ask yourself the following questions regarding your organisation and the challenges it faces:

  • How do you react to and benefit from market trends and changing customer demands?
  • How do you distinguish hype from solid business potential?
  • How do you get started and build momentum with new service ideas?
  • How do you create alignment amongst key stakeholders and attain the required support?
  • How do you develop service delivery capabilities?

Our 2-day Future of Service Bootcamp can help you address these challenges by:

  • Increasing awareness and knowledge about the potential of service 
  • Identifying new valuable service opportunities
  • Developing a shared vision and roadmap to:
    • Creating internal alignment amongst key stakeholders,
    • Obtaining top management support, and;
    • Initiating successful development and deployment of the new services

To gain a better understanding of what our Bootcamp offers, visit public Bootcamp we did in Copenhagen on the 28th of February

Contact us directly to find out how we can support you in exploring the Future of Service within your organisation.

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