Adding Value via Customer Experience

Customer Experience is a significant value adding factor of every enterprise and especially for their service business. The experience that a customer lives in order to receive a service is vital to the growth and development of the business, as it directly influences the retention of the customer. Therefore, the “experience” is instrumental for successful service delivery.

Even if everything is delivered perfectly fine in the precisely right moment, a mediocre experience can leave a negative association with how the business is perceived and the quality of service delivery. As a result, there is an unprecedented need for designing and building up not only the perfect service or product, but also the perfect experience.

So how can you increase the understanding of customers’ perceptions across the organisation and make improvements in the internal structures and processes to deliver a better customer experience?

  • Finely balance effectiveness and efficiency; 
  • Define interaction touch points with customers and travel the customer journey;
  • Gather information at every interaction touch point;
  • Create actionable knowledge from the gathered information;
  • Distribute decision making power;
  • Give some ownership of the interactions to customers;
  • Empower Personnel

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