Installed base data quality

Installed base data quality
  • How confident are you about the quality of your Installed Base data?
  • Are you upselling based on Installed Base data?
  • Have you implemented best practices for Installed Base data quality management?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then have a look at this accelerator that will help you to use installed base data to drive a pro-active service sales approach and increase service revenues.

 In this service accelerator we:
  • Adapt Installed Base Master data best practices to your situation
  • Prepare an action plan to continuously improve Installed base data quality
We do this by:
  1. Getting you to complete a survey so we understand your current situation
  2. Conducting an online session to document the Installed Base data issues
  3. Formulating the improvements to be included in an action plan
  4. Creating/Reviewing the action plan with you, and prioritising activities
  5. Evaluating the results