The Future of Service with IoT Workshop

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a game changer in the manufacturing industry. It enables completely new business models which are highly valuable to customers and at the same time represent a low cost for the organisation. - Therefore most manufacturers want to develop (advanced) services enabled by IoT, but the key question is how?


To get the process started, companies are often faced with the following challenges:

  • How to distinguish hype from solid business potential?
  • How to get started and build momentum?
  • How to create alignment amongst key stakeholders and attain the required support?
  • How to monetise (existing) IoT capabilities?

A 2-day Future of Service with IoT workshop can help you overcome these challenges by:

  • Increasing awareness and knowledge about the potential of service and the IoT
  • Identifying new valuable IoT enabled service opportunities
  • Developing a shared vision and roadmap to:
    • Create internal alignment amongst key stakeholders,
    • Obtain top management support, and;
    • Initiate successful development and deployment of the new services

To learn more about a the philosophy behind this workshop, download our latest article on ''Using design thinking to make your employees ready for the IoT''. 

For an impression of what such workshop looks like, have a look at the reflection on a public workshop we did in Copenhagen on the 28th of February

Or contact us directly to find out how we can support you to explore the Future of Service with IoT within your organisation.

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