Engaging People in a world of skills shortages

Engaging People in a world of skills shortages

How skills shortages are affecting manufactuers' service organisations.

With the demand for skilled professionals soaring, recruiters encounter challenges in locating suitable candidates. Hindering the search include the emergence of new skills, rapid industry changes, increased reliance on technological tools like digitalization, and the departure of older generations from the workforce, leaving a gap that the younger generation is ill-prepared to fulfil due to lack of experience.

Additionally, evolving employee expectations such as enhanced work-life balance, the option to work remotely, improved methods for performance evaluation, flexibility, etc, further complicate this issue.

As manufacturer offering services, skills shortages may be adversely impacting service delivery. So how do you quickly adapt to this challenge? How can you better collaborate with your recruiting department to optimise traditional recruitment practices, and design a more pragmatic approach to ensure the happiness of your talent, and to contribute to a more meaningful career path for your staff?