SCP Standards & Best Practice Library


Service Capability & Performance (SCP) Standards & Best Practice Library

The service business is a dynamic environment with ever increasing requirements.

Technical service providers keep pushing for higher quality services and lower costs. They need to rapidly change their service business models and have to implement new service automation solutions. Watch the video and learn how your service organisation can benefit of the SCP Standards & Best Practice Library.

All the knowledge, practical tools and experience needed to continuously innovate your service business will be provided though a web based application, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. 

SCP programme possibilities:

  • You can identify and quantify improvement opportunities by benchmarking against the SCP Standards & Best Practice framework through a self-assessment or an on-site assessment. This will help to drive change by challenging your organisation, it will educate, and it will stimulate innovation through an objective fact driven benchmarking process
  • Based on a gap-analysis, companies can conduct a strategy workshop with senior management and other stakeholders, create an actionable roadmap to achieve alignment at executive -, and operational management levels, and plan and budget the actions
  • Companies can design and manage their own operating model in the SCP knowledge management app which makes it possible to easily manage and share the knowledge about the service management operating model with all stakeholders in a secure environment
  • Programme participants can leverage Noventum consultants that have in-depth industry experience to address specific service business challenges, and facilitate and coach teams to get to better results faster while reducing risks
  • SCP programme participants can audit actual performance and compliance against the SCP Standard and certify their operations to drive measurable results, and create a sustainable process of performance management, quality management and continuous innovation

Want to know more? 

Noventum is pleased to announce the collaboration with Field Service in Amsterdam on a:

Interactive Workshop E: Leading Global Service Transformations To Profitable Growth

The joining speaker will share experiences based on their success stories:

  • Mr Trausti Árnason, Global Service Director of Marel and John Prendergast, Corporate Adviser – Service, Marel Food System, execute their Simple, Smarter, Faster transformation Initiative with successfully use of the service industry standards.
  • Mr Julien Laran, Head of Supply Chain & Operations, Business Unit Services, BOBST, introduced Management Training and People Development with SCP Certified Training Programmes to create sustainable business processes with well-defined roles and competency requirements, comprehensive work instructions, training materials, and performance metrics.
  • Paul Noble, Service Manager North West Europe, Tecan successfully select service SW Vendors using the SCP IT Compliance program.

During this roundtable, the speakers will discuss how they have been driving profitable growth by successfully transforming their global service organisations. Learn how these companies have overcome their challenges through benchmarking, adopting service standards and best practices, and implementing service solutions.

Participants will discuss their own service transformation challenges with the panel. The discussion will be facilitated by Hilbrand Rustema, Managing Director of Noventum Service Management Consultants.  

Have a look at the full programme here.

Field Service, Europe’s leading event for service, support and customer care will run 6-8 December 2017 with over 55 heads of service speakers focusing on digital transformation and next generation service. 

You can find more information about the conference here and register here.


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The Service Revolution of the Manufacturing Industry

Looking at the industry trends it appears that IoT, Industry 4.0 and product digitalisation will substantially affect competition, profitability, and the structure in many industries, as did the previous wave of internet-enabled IT. To be prepared and to define their strategy, companies must understand how smart, connected products impact industry and their service organisations in terms of competition, profitability, and the way companies do business.

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