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The outcome of the Service Innovation Project 'Service Parts Management' and the SCP Standards project to come
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From small beginnings in a two-man office in Holland to business on three continents, over 200 successful projects and a proven track record of improving growth and profitability. The Noventum story is one of continuous forward momentum – and we are ready to write a new chapter with you.
John Mertl (Partner, Noventum) will be presenting together with Cindy Elliott (Senior Industrial Fellow, Aston Business School Centre for Servitization Research and Practice) the findings of the latest research
Join LiveWorx 2016 and get some new insights from Noventum on how IoT is the key to profitability and growth
Customers nowadays select your brand and stay loyal to it, not only because of the product or service offering, but also for that special feeling it gives them. The
Noventum's article on how to achieve service business growth through your brand